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Our Impact

Impact Snapshot


impact partners


lives touched in 2023-24


women-owned businesses


repeat customers


Days of work created


textile waste up-cycled &

saved from landfills 


trees saved from deforestation


metal scraps up-cycled & saved from landfills

Our Impact Areas

Economic Development

We support sustainable livelihood creation for rural communities, women, artisans, farmers and specially-abled people

Environmental Sustainability

We support water conservation efforts, better farming practices, strengthening biodiversity, up-cycling, recycling & reducing environmental waste

Animal Welfare

We support the protection and security of the voiceless through rescue and rehabilitation programs

Women’s Empowerment

We support women-run small-scale enterprises, making them financially and socially independent

Health &  Wellness

We support farm-to-table brands, organic farming practices and those promoting holistic wellness


We support organisations working to provide dignity and economic opportunities to people with disability

How we choose our Impact Partners

Acting as a crucial link between small-scale impact-focused businesses and conscious consumers, Boxes Of Goodness facilitates connections and raises awareness. By championing locally sourced products, we promote community engagement and sustainability.

Our efforts extend beyond visibility, striving to change consumer behavior towards ethically sourced goods. Overall, we amplify the reach of impact-focused businesses and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive marketplace.


We partner with businesses that are: 

Social Impact Organizations

We collaborate with socially conscious impact brands, like NGOs, social enterprises and socially responsible and environmentally conscious brands across India. 

Ethical & Sustainable Brands

We work with brands that prioritise and adopt practices of ethical sourcing, fair wages & sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. We prioritise organisations that avoid plastics, use recycled materials & have a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Women-Owned Businesses

We champion young, emerging, women-owned and led organisations & brands to help them amplify their reach through us. We help women founders find new audiences for their unique products.

SDGs Supported

SDG1-no poverty

“We believe that no step is too small in our shared endeavour to convert cultivable land into food forests. Even a single jar reaching a new customer through Boxes of Goodness plays a crucial role in promoting ancient indigenous seeds, reviving native seeds, and supporting our goal of regenerative farming. Through their delightful gifts, Boxes Of Goodness aids in our mission to create a sustainable and impactful ecosystem. This collaboration isn't just about selling products; it's about nurturing the land, supporting farmers, and fostering regenerative farming practices.”

Dimple Mehra

Co-founder, Svaguna Foods

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