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Green Travel: 7 Eco-friendly Travel Tips

Updated: Jul 2

Who doesn’t love to travel? But how many of us really care about the environment while traveling? Everyone wants to enjoy nature while traveling but no one thinks about the impact we can have on the environment when we travel.

Here are some easy tips to begin your conscious travelling journey before you book your next getaway:

Green Travel Tips
Green Travel Tips

7 Eco-friendly Travel Tips

  1. Choose your transportation mode wisely 

The travel industry is a significant contributor to climate change as 8% of the world’s carbon emissions are caused by travel and tourism. We know that it is almost impossible to avoid taking flights to far-away destinations but in some cases, we can consider traveling by trains, boats, and buses plus we can enjoy nature more closely and be fully absorbed in it. Once you reach your destination you can always opt for cycling, walking or taking public transport instead of renting a car. If you have to rent a car then opt for an electric car.

2. Carry reusable items 

One of the easiest things you can do is to always carry your own reusable water bottle instead of purchasing packaged water bottles. You could also carry your own cutlery and cloth bags so you avoid single-use ones while eating and shopping.

3. Avoid using travel-sized toiletries

Instead of using the travel-sized toiletries the hotel provides, carry your own personal care products in refillable containers made up of glass, silicones, or even recycled plastic. Fill them up with your own products from the large-sized toiletries you have at home, and you’re good to go!


4. Don’t follow the crowd

Over-tourism is a growing problem which is faced by many countries. As most of the people flock to tourist destinations, it creates over-crowding, which generates a lot of trash and pollution, while also disturbing the locals. Instead of traveling to the obvious destinations, you can explore new, less frequented places or if you must visit the popular destinations you can consider visiting off-season.

5. Try and give back

Giving it back to the place that you traveled can be as simple as buying local stuff, picking up trash if you find it while walking, or even using the least amount of resources i.e. water, electricity, etc. Booking locally-owned accommodations is also a great way to support the economy. You can also spend one day of your trip by volunteering to help the local communities, animals, the environment - it is sure to make your trip more delightful and memorable.

6. Think about animals

Many destinations attract tourists by exploiting local animals, such as for horse racing, riding elephants, petting zoos, dolphin shows, and more. You can help stop their exploitation by not participating/ frequenting such places. The better way to see animals closely is to visit animal sanctuaries and rescue centres, that treat animals ethically.

7. Little things that matter 

  •  When you’re staying at a hotel, you can help cut down the energy and water required for vacuuming or washing the laundry by the hotel staff by requesting them to clean your room every alternate day instead of daily.

  • When you leave your room, always remember to turn off the lights, and taps and close the curtains to avoid any heat coming into the room.

  • Skip long baths and always opt for a quick shower.

  • Avoid using hotel laundry as they normally wash each and every guest’s clothes separately. You can wash your own clothes while showering and hang them up overnight so they’re dry the next day.

  • Walk as much as you can for shorter routes or use public transportation. 

Traveling in a sustainable way is not that complicated - we just have to be a little more conscious about the small things that can make a difference. We hope you follow our tips on your next trip and join us to make the world a better place to live.

Our eco-conscious travel hampers are the perfect starting point for your sustainable travel journey:


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