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Impact Partner Spotlight: Project 1000

Updated: Jul 2

Social Enterprise | Rural Maharashtra

What is Project 1000?

In the heart of rural Maharashtra, a remarkable social enterprise is making waves by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern sustainability practices. Project 1000, founded with a mission to revitalise traditional craftsmanship, focuses on empowering rural women to create exquisite hand-woven macrame products. Embracing principles of mindful resource utilisation and up-cycling, Project 1000 stands as a beacon of sustainability, equal opportunities for women, and a circular economy.

Project 1000's women at work
Project 1000's women at work

A part of NGO Shanti Seva Nidhi, the goal of Project 1000 is to ensure that every rural woman they work with should be able to be able to earn Rs 1000/- per day.

Their Social Goodness:

Project 1000's commitment to sustainability is evident in its innovative approach to converting textile waste into beautifully crafted lifestyle products. By skilling rural women to transform discarded textiles into intricate macrame creations, the enterprise not only reduces waste but also provides these women with valuable skills and a source of livelihood. This harmonious blend of environmental consciousness and economic empowerment is what sets Project 1000 apart.

They focus on 3 aspects:

  1. Skill Development: Offering training and skill-building workshops to rural women, enabling them to craft high-quality products.

  2. Sustainable Practices: Using eco-friendly materials and processes to create products that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

  3. Community Empowerment: Creating opportunities for women to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their socio-economic status.

Collaboration with Boxes of Goodness

Our partnership with Project 1000 has been a fruitful journey, empowering women and significantly reducing textile waste. Through this collaboration, we have supported their Women Livelihood Programme, preventing a substantial amount of textile waste from ending up in landfills. The impact of our joint efforts is tangible, with 426 kg of textile waste saved from landfills.

Beautifully Handwoven Macrame Baskets for Boxes Of Goodness
Beautifully Handwoven Macrame Baskets for Boxes Of Goodness

In crafting bespoke hampers for Boxes of Goodness, Project 1000 artisans are not merely creating baskets; they are weaving stories of empowerment. Each basket, meticulously crafted from repurposed textile waste, is a testament to their skill and dedication. Our commitment to sustainability is further highlighted by the 415 grams of waste material repurposed for each basket, showcasing a harmonious blend of creativity and environmental consciousness.

A Shared Mission for Sustainable Impact

Ritu Saraf, Founder of Project 1000, beautifully encapsulates the essence of this collaboration:

"In the craft of creating bespoke hampers for Boxes of Goodness, Project 1000 is not merely creating baskets; we are weaving stories of empowerment for rural women. Our skilled artisans transform textile waste into intricate baskets, each a testament to their craftsmanship. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the textile waste material repurposed for each and every basket - a harmonious blend of environmental consciousness and creativity. This collaboration, where commerce meets conscience, is a celebration of sustainable impact and women's empowerment, one basket at a time," she shares.

At Boxes of Goodness, we are proud to partner with Project 1000, as we continue to support initiatives that foster sustainable practices and empower communities. By choosing our products, you are not just making a purchase; you are becoming part of a movement that values craftsmanship, sustainability, and empowerment.

Stay tuned for more stories of impact and inspiration from our partners who are making a difference in the world, one product at a time.


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