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Impact Partner Spotlight: Svaguna Foods

Farm-to-Table Brand in Rural Maharashtra

What is Svaguna Foods?

Started by the Mehra family in 2018, Svaguna Foods is a beacon of sustainable farming, providing natural, organic food products directly from food forests in India. By eliminating middlemen, they make these natural products more accessible to consumers.

Their Social Goodness:

Traditional and Chemical-Free Farming Practices

Svaguna Foods is committed to traditional farming methods that are free of chemicals, promoting good health for both humans and the earth. By adhering to chemical-free cultivation methods, they maintain the integrity of their produce, ensuring that consumers receive all the natural benefits.

Creating Food Forests in Maharashtra
Creating Food Forests in Maharashtra

Water Conservation Efforts

Located in a hilly region of Maharashtra, Svaguna Foods faces historical water challenges, such as limited rainfall and inadequate water supply. Water conservation efforts have been pivotal in addressing these challenges. By working to decrease water demand and reliance on external sources, Svaguna Foods supports sustainable farming practices.

Responsible Farming and Soil Health

Responsible farming practices are a priority for Svaguna Foods. Through multi-layer farming techniques, they prioritize soil health, resulting in flavorful and high-quality produce. Additionally, they pay fair wages to local farming communities, supporting the local economy. Their advocacy for traditional farming methods, free of pesticides and chemicals, promotes holistic health for both humans and the environment.

Collaboration with Boxes of Goodness :

In collaboration with Boxes of Goodness, Svaguna Foods has achieved significant milestones in environmental conservation and sustainable farming practices. They have converted 2 acres of farmland into food forests and saved up to 150 trees from deforestation. This partnership contributes significantly to the region's environmental conservation and sustainable farming practices.

A Shared Mission for Regenerative Farming

“We believe that no step is too small in our shared endeavor to convert cultivable land into food forests. Even a single jar reaching a new customer through Boxes of Goodness plays a crucial role in promoting ancient indigenous seeds, reviving native seeds, and supporting our goal of regenerative farming. Through their delightful gifts, Boxes of Goodness aids in our mission to create a sustainable and impactful ecosystem. This collaboration isn't just about selling products; it's about nurturing the land, supporting farmers, and fostering regenerative farming practices.”

- Dimple Mehra, Co-founder, Svaguna Foods

Svaguna Foods makes for a wonderful impact partner and together we are making strides toward a more sustainable future, one that values and promotes responsible farming practices and the well-being of the environment.


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