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Love & Light Diwali #BoxOfGoodness

Love & Light Diwali #BoxOfGoodness

This festive season, illuminate your loved ones' lives with meaningful and sustainable gifts from our Love & Light #BoxOfGoodness!


Your Love & Light Diwali #BoxOfGoodness contains:

  • Upcylced Metal diffuser | made by an sustainable decor company in Mumbai
  • Wax melts | made by a woman-owned ethical small business in Rishikesh
  • Patchouli / Tea Tree / Citronella Incense cones | made from upcycled temple waste by a women's empowerment program in Delhi 
  • Kashmiri kesar | made by a social enterprise in Hyderabad
  • Orange cinnamon honey | made by a women's empowerment program in Ghaziabad
  • Anjeer/ nutty barfi | made by a farm brand in Maharashtra
  • Baked nolen matthi | made by a woman-owned small business in Mumbai
  • Impact booklet


Packed in an eco-conscious organizer basket, crafted from upcycled plastic waste by a women's empowerment initiative in Maharashtra, as part of our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


This Diwali, spread love, light, and positive impact with the Love & Light #BoxOfGoodness. It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving! 🌟🎁


*Price is inclusive of all taxes*

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